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Hey there! Welcome to my small corner of the world. I guess this is the part where I'm supposed to give you a list of titles to describe me. The truth is, I've laid that all aside. The best I have for you is that I am a lover to my husband, a mama to four amazing children, a designer, a storyteller, and a writer. 

 In all things though, one remains. And that is, in whatever I do, I aim to live a life that is SWEET & BEAUTIFUL!

One that is refreshing. Like a cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade or a warm cup of tea.

One that is ALWAYS in Full Bloom (Psalms 1:3). 

x Jonquette

Jonquette Sitting at table writing

Penciled Purpose
Available Now!

Penciled Purpose, by Jonquette Sanders-White, is her captivating memoir that records the harrowing events of one Thanksgiving in 2022, where Jonquette experiences a life-threatening ordeal that tests her and her husband's faith, strength, and resilience.


Jonquette, a meticulous planner, believes her scheduled c-section will go just like her previous two c-sections. It's a routine surgery, and everyone is excited about a new baby to celebrate in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.


But when her routine surgery turns into a serious medical mishap that leaves her in a coma and her husband fearing for her life, she is faced with the reality that even the best-laid plans can go awry and leave one wholly reliant on God for a miracle.

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Fresh Flowers

Flowers from Mom

Coming Spring '24

Our mission at Flowers from Mom is to bring comfort, smiles, and cherished memories to the lives of children who have experienced the devastating loss of their mothers, as well as foster children without parents. We aim to provide essential support, create magical moments, and foster resilience, strength, and happiness in the lives of these remarkable children. Through the gift of flower bouquets and essential supplies, we aim to bring solace, joy, and a sense of presence from heaven above, ensuring that these children feel supported, uplifted, and surrounded by love during important moments and milestones.

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